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“D’esta heroica mujer […] tu docta mano alto poema escriba”. Il codice eroico nelle Rime et versi in lode di Giovanna Castriota

Flavia Gherardi


This article aims to analyze two main aspects that characterize the poems section in spanish collected in Rime et versi in lode of Giovanna castriota (1585): first of all, the paper aims to trace the parabole of the «temple» metaphor within the work, on the basis of the rethorical and semantic functions that the image develops in the texts; secondly, it aims to explore the textual elements that come from the epic-heroic literary code, in order to report content and meaning deviations from the encomiastic model.

Parole chiave

Spanish-Italian relationship; XVIth century lyrical poetry; encomiastic poetry; heroic poetry; multilingual collections of poems


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