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El Viaje del Parnaso de Cervantes: viaje alegórico y epopeya burlesca

Rosa Navarro Durán


Cervantes shows the genre to which the Journey to Parnassus belongs within the text itself when he says that it is modelled after Viaggio di Parnaso by Cesare Caporali. He also gets inspiration from La Araucana and Os Lusíadas in some passages. The story of the horse Pegasus, as the writer tells it in the Journey to Parnassus, is an imitation of an episode from Orlando Furioso. Moreover, the fact that poets appear sometimes as frogs and mice points indisputably to the Batrachomyomachia.

Parole chiave

Epopeya burlesca; Alegoría; Sátira; Batalla de poetas; Intertextualidad;


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