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Di nome in nome. Il codice della metamorfosi in Gozzano

Giusi Baldissone


In literature, names create links that inform the whole work by establishing relations: starting from their connotative function, a structure of signification, an authentic code emerges. In Gozzano’s work, the chain of onomastics points out the deeper meaning, the key to a poetics based on the idea of metamorphosis, with names composing a painful autobiography. From Felicita to the Butterflies, interconnected name choices can be detected, made from the very start in order to carry out a poetic agenda that is gratifying from a philosophical point of view too, in a life which is flowing towards its tragic end.

Parole chiave

connotative function; name-code; metamorphosis; interconnected name choices; Felicita/Félicité; Butterflies; Alba Nigra

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